Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Cruising Booms in difficult times

One might be be fooled into thinking that this was a bad time to go cruising.

Fuel prices and the credit crunch have taken the headlines by storm, crude oil prices are at their highest ever levels with expectations of even greater increases. Predictions of doom from the worlds business guru's ensure that all aspects of personal expenditure are coming under scruitiny, not least holidays. For those looking to take a traditional holiday to Europe the problems are compounded by a very strong Euro and little sign that it's strengthening will abate.

All of these are valid reasons to be careful with your choice of holiday both in terms of destination and type.

Under scruitny cruising comes out very well indeed.

Early booker 2009 prices for Cruising with CruiseDirect are in some cases 30% cheaper than previous years, with special offers and bargains to be had all around.

Most of the major cruise operators will have hedged their fuel, giving them a stable platform from which to manage their prices, and bigger ships with more capacity have introduced even greater saving, not to mention increased choice and quality.

American owned ships, of which there are many sailing in European waters, use US Dollars as the currency of choice on all ships. Holland America, Carnival Cruises, R.C.I., Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Lines and NCL to name but a few, give passengers the undoubted benefit of paying for everything on board in Dollars. The US dollar is as weak against Stirling as the Euro is strong giving cruisers a huge boost when it comes to counting the cost os a holiday.

There may be trouble ahead for some but cruising should stay well clear of those stormy waters for the forseeable future.

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