Thursday, 12 June 2008

Crossing the Panama Canal is an Expensive Business for Disney Cruise line

It has been reported in Panama City that The Disney Cruise Line has paid over 330,000 US Dollars in canal fees to cross the Panama Canal.

The fees were increased in 2007 and are now applied according to the number of beds on board a ship rather than the amount of cargo it can carry. The "Disney Magic" with 875 staterooms is the biggest ship yet to pay the fee at the new tarrif and so now holds the record for the highest price paid..

The most paid by any other ship uptil this point had been 317,142 US Dollars, by a cargo ship, the "MSC Fabienne." Close behind this the record for a cruise ship had been 313,000 US Dollars, set in October 2007 by 2 NCL ships.
The fees increase is obviously needed to help cover the costs of a 5.25 Billion Dollar expantion to the canal which is not due to be finished for at least another 6 years.

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