Thursday, 1 May 2008

First Impressions - A visit to the Ventura

The first impression of Ventura upon arrival at Southampton was how tall she is. A very modern design with more balcony cabins and open deck space than I had imagined.

The atrium is spectacular with mood changing light effects. A very bright and open space with comfortable sofas and easy chairs.

The most amazing children's centre and children's facilities on any ship that I have been on was one of the highlights of this ship visit.

The cabins - although smaller than I had hoped - were well equipped and fitted to a high standard. I was disappointed with the balcony cabins on Riviera Deck as they are all sheltered by a large overhang above. Also the mini suites on C and D deck are overlooked by cabins on A, B, and R deck. This should be made aware to customers either in the brochure or on Amadeus.

Food, as usual, was plentiful and well presented - and it didn't taste too bad either.

Although only an overnight ship visit, I feel the experience of seeing Ventura and sampling her facilities will provide valuable information for the future.

Karen - CruiseDirectUK

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