Friday, 9 May 2008

Barrhead Travel Cruise Day

Barrhead Travel's Cruise day Saturday the 3rd of May was their most successful ever since their move to the superstore in Oswald Street, Glasgow. 250 people were invited in advance and many, many more came along on the day

Elaine Robb and Luke Smith from CCS set up a Scelectrix that was a great success with kids of all ages but and many other distractions were not enough to distract the visitors from their purpose of booking their next years cruise.
A lot of hard work went in to the preparation for this from the Cruise Direct and Barrhead travel team who throughout the day provided excellent customer service, looking after the refreshments and helping the clients at every turn. All had the opportunity to talk to a consultant and if they wished an appointment one of the cruise line staff.

The day really was a great success for all concerned.

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