Monday, 18 August 2008

New Hot Cruise Deals from Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct have recently brought out some of the most outstanding cruise deals seen fora long time.
We have listed them below please contact CruiseDirect or Barrhead Travel for the details

Ocean Village Exclusive Offers
– these offers are at least £190 cheaper than any other agent

Crete to Barbados
Ocean Village
30 October 2008 12 nights
Fly Manchester to HeraklionAlicante –Madeira – Antigua – Barbados Fly back to Manchester
Prices from £749pp

Mediterranean Mixture
Ocean Village
23 October 2008 19 nights
Fly Man to HeraklionLimassol –Rhodes –KusadasiSantorini- Mykonos- Alicante-Madeira-Antigua-Barbados
Prices from £999pp

Caribbean Chaser
Ocean Village
30 October 2008 19 nights
Fly Man to HeraklionAlicante –Madeira-Antigua- Barbados- Tortola- St.Barts- Martinique-Grenada – Barbados
Prices from £1,099pp

Princess Cruises
– this is an exclusive offer to Barrhead Travel and Cruise Direct
Sea Princess – Caribbean Cruise
28 March 2009 15 nights

Fly Direct from Glasgow to Montego Bay –Gran Cayman – Aruba –Bonaire
La Guaira – Grenada – Barbados –Dominica – Antigua- St.Maarten – Tortola –SamanaMontego Bay fly back to Glasgow
Prices from £1,493
$150 FREE to spend onboard per cabin

Cruise Direct have
FRED OLSEN – These prices are less than any other agent
£50 per cabin onboard spend

Around Britain Cruise
Onboard Black Prince
01 June 2009 9 nights
Cruising from Greenock to Dublin, Falmouth, St Peter Port, Greenwich, Leith, Oban, Greenock

Inside cabins from £719pp
Plus £50 FREE to spend onboard

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